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Four Mile falls to Piedra Falls

Set your vehicle’s odometer to zero

Turn right when leaving the shop

At the light turn left onto lewis st and then take an immediate left onto north 5th street

.4 miles into the drive the road splits, veer slightly right to stay on county road 400

 4.9 miles There is another major split in the road, stay right.

7.1 miles there is a cattle guard. You are now on national forest 

8.3 miles turn right on to forest service road 645

10.7 miles there will be another cattle guard

12.4 miles you have reached the four mile falls parking lot.  Unload the RZR. It’s fun TIME!

Set RZR odometer to 0 and drive back down county rd 645

4.2 miles turn right onto county road 634, commonly known as plumtaw.

19.2 miles stay straight or veer left to stay on Mcmanus rd also called county rd 633

21.3 miles turn right on to Kleckner Ln

22.1 turn left to stay on Kleckner Ln

23 miles turn right onto piedra rd

23.3 miles parking lot for piedra river trail.  There is a cool canyon hike that is very short off this parking lot.  It’s maybe 40 minutes in total.  The fishing is ok but gets hit hard.

24.8 miles you’ll turn right and drive by the camping area.  Do not turn into the camping area.  Continue going straight.

If you don’t want to go to Piedra Falls this is another spot you can check out SALLY’S OVERLOOK: Continue left on Piedra road towards Williams. There are sharp S turns at mile 25.3 At mile 25.8 there is a bride crossing. At mile 26.1 turn left onto forest service road 639. The road splits at mile 28.4, go left. The lookout is at the end of the road mile 30.7(THE LAST 2 MILES OF ROAD ARE MUDDY AFTER RAIN) 

28.1 miles you’ll turn right onto county road 637

Continue straight

39.1  miles in is the parking area for Piedra falls.

The hike to Piedra Falls is 15-20 Minutes.

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