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Elwood Pass

Drive 11 miles east down 160 towards wolf creek

After you cross the bridge turn right onto the east fork road. At the large parking area about half a mile up the road you unload the vehicle.  

Drive up the dirt road around 8 miles, you’ll see silver falls on the left.  It’s a short hike to the viewing area.

Elwood Pass begins at 8.5 miles – PUT IT IN LOW

  • 9.6 miles scary drop offs to your right
  • 10.6 The start of the serious creek crossings. Don’t worry you got it
  • 11.4 last creek crossing and most significant steep hill climb
  • 12.9 beat up cabin (McCormick Cabin)
  • 13.2  This used to be an interesting section and with erosion it’s become a more interesting section.  Some people will want a spotter for the next 300 yards.
  • 16.3 Miles picnic table. You’re at the top
  • 17.8 now it’s maintained dirt roads  

You can

Turn left onto FSR 380. At 3.4 miles at switchback turn right onto FSR 330. Go 2.5 miles to Summitville to disaster site.


Turn right to go 14.9 miles to platora on FSR380 (If you go right, after 8.4 miles you will see a one lane bridge stay on the road do not cross the bridge) Turn right at bridge at Stunner Campground FSR 250. Continue to Platora.

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